500 Intimate Questions For Couples

500 Intimate Questions For Couples Review 2020 Updated

This product review was uptated on September 2021.


Have you ever wondered if there was anything you could do in order to improve or boost your sexual encounters and performances? Have you ever thought ‘am I doing it right?’ ‘am I satisfying her/him?’ Well, wonder no more: thanks to this 500 Intimate Questions For Couples review, you will find the solution.

The base of any relationship is communication, we all know that. But did you know that communication is one of the most important things when it comes to sex? Did you know that the very best way to boost your sexual encounters is by talking with your sex partner? If you didn’t know, it is time for you to catch up.

Throughout the 500 Intimate Questions For Couples review, we are going to see what are the questions that you need to make in order to boost and enhance your sexual performances. Also, we are going to go over pros, cons, benefits and other stuff that you may find useful while assessing a program or guide. The things you want to know, you will find them here, in 500 Intimate Questions For Couples review.

500 Intimate Questions For Couples: the program

500 Intimate Questions For Couples program was created and developed by a coach and dating expert who realized that most of the times, sex could be improved, especially in marriage & relationships.

The situation is familiar to us: you start dating and you start having sex on a regular basis. The sex can either be good or bad, but the problem is that nobody talks about it, so if the sex is bad, there is no way to revert it; or even worse, if you are thinking that sex is amazing but the other person is hating it… then you are in trouble.

The author of the book realized that talking about sex is awkward, and that is why people tend to avoid the subject. Therefore, he decided to develop a whole system in order to make that ‘awkward talk’ a confident talk, based on the trust that you two share.

“I am a very talkative person and I like to talk about everything with my sex partner; how is 500 Intimate Questions For Couples different from the talks we already have?”

This is the most common question before getting 500 Intimate Questions For Couples downloaded. There are people who talk about everything with their lovers, including sex; so they want to know how this program is any different from that already existing talks.

The answer is very simple: you probably have no clue of what to ask and how to ask it. when it comes to sex, you need to be very careful about what you ask and what you suggest. We are all different and what seems normal for me, may sound a little bit shocking for you. That is why you need to pay special attention and avoid being too straight with the questions you ask.

Besides, there are other cases. Your relationship might be super open in a lot of aspects, but it is possible that when it comes to sex you end up feeling a little bit nervous or shy, especially when communicating your own desires.
Or maybe you are super communicative, but your love partner isn’t and he/she has a hard time speaking up for his/her desires, likes and dislikes

What does 500 Intimate Questions For Couples pdf include?

The name of the program is pretty descriptive: it contains 500 questions for you to ask your couple and vice versa in order to achieve great sexual encounters and to get to know each other better and more profoundly.

You can definitely ask questions on your own, but the frame of the program will make you feel confident and relaxed to ask those questions you never thought you would ask.

Besides, another really important thing about the program and its questions is the order. Once you download 500 Intimate Questions For Couples, it is very important for you to follow the proposed order so you can create the intimacy you have always desired with that special person.

Ups and downs about 500 Intimate Questions For Couples pdf

Ups: the best thing to say about the program is that it has nothing to hide; you can’t think 500 Intimate Questions For Couples is a scam. why? Simply because, unlike other dating guides, the program does not promise you ridiculous and unachievable results. It is plainly a program that contains questions written by an specialist to help you boost your sexual life.

Besides, it comes in a pdf format to take it anywhere you want with you.

Downs: the only con I can find is that it may seem expensive, especially for a guide that only contains questions. But the real hack is that it was written by an specialist after years and years of research, so naturally, it can’t be free.
Besides, before putting it into practice, you should share this decision with your sex partner at the time.

500 Intimate Questions For Couples reviews

When I started reading 500 Intimate Questions For Couples reviews, I realized that all the opinions and experiences that I was reading were super positive, a really odd thing, especially if you think that this programs are highly subjective. At least I thought that I would find negative reviews, but it didn’t happen; on the contrary, people was more than satisfied with the program and the new sex life achieved.

That is the reason why I definitely recommend you to google 500 Intimate Questions For Couples reviews and see the results. you are going to be able to see other people’s doubts, experiences and opinions. It is very helpful and clarifying, particularly if you are still not sure about doing this purchase.

Is 500 Intimate Questions For Couples free?

The cost of the program is $27, and before you ask… no, you can’t get the questions of 500 Intimate Questions For Couples free. It is very common for people to think ‘there are just questions, you can probably find them online for free’ but let me tell you this statement is completely false and the content of the e-book is highly protected.

An important thing to highlight about the program is that once you buy 500 Intimate Questions For Couples, you are going to have a 60-day money back guarantee. This basically means that if you have second thoughts or if the program is not what you expected, you may ask for a full refund, no questions asked.

So, if I were you, I would definitely give it a try. Your sex life can drastically change for good, and if it doesn’t change, you can still have your invested money back. A real win-win.