Hooked Review 2020 Updated

This product review was uptated on December 2021.


If you, at any point of your life, felt like you weren’t a natural with women; if all your life you had it difficult to conquer girls; if you always expected them to approach you since you didn’t know how to act around them; if you are one of the many, many men who prefers to chat first because you don’t know the right words to get a girl… keep reading my Hooked review, because this guide is definitely for you.

If you are interested in my Hooked review is because you probably have been looking for the answer to this problem. Experiencing trouble when it comes to flirt with women is more usual than you think. Many men around the globe are now experiencing the same issue, and they are dying to get the answer… let me tell you that you may have found it. This Hooked review is going to make emphasis on Hooked pdf content, use and results, as well as customer’s experiences. I invite you to check my entire Hooked review and see what this amazing guide has to offer.

Hooked Program

This guide has been created as an answer to a problem that has been affecting men (of all ages, genres and countries) for many years. The author of the book had no problems with women, and realized he could actually help other men with his own knowledge; that is why he developed a guide including all kinds of tips, techniques and exercises to teach them how to become irresistible to any woman they desire.

Is Hooked for everyone?

As we established before, this program can be used by any man who is now reading this review. Don’t be shy, yes, it is for you too. If you are thinking or having doubts about your physical appearance, that is because you haven’t read the guide yet. Once you get familiar with Hooked pdf, you are actually going to see that your looks couldn’t be less important. Yes, as you read. It doesn’t matter if you are skinny, fat, short or tall. It doesn’t even matter if you see yourself as an ugly guy. This guide will change completely your thoughts about yourself. It is going to teach you how to acquire true magnetism.

What does Hooked include?

Well, Hooked includes different tips and techniques to learn how to become irresistible to women. It also comes with 10 videos, in case you don’t enjoy reading for a long time, so you will be able to listen to these videos while you make another activity at the same time, like going to the gym or driving.
This life-changing guide includes:

  • The most common mistakes men make when meeting new women: let’s face it, if you are having trouble with women then you need to make an adjustment because probably you have been doing it all wrong. The guide teaches you what are the things you must not say or do when meeting a girl.
  • The exact things you need to include in your pick-up lines: what are the things that need to be included in order to make a great first impression. You won’t need to wrack your brains to flirt; thanks to Hooked is going to be easier than ever.
  • Body language: as you may have already guessed, body language indicates the level of self-confidence one has, and it is extremely important at the time of meeting a woman for the first time. The guide is going to teach you how your body needs to look like, including your posture and smile.
  • Openers: Proved pick-up lines that work as openers when approaching a woman. The first impression is definitely the most important, so you need to be sure that you are making it right. These openers are the ones that are going to make a girl interested in you from minute one.

Pros and Cons

Pros: the program is available online, and it comes with a video version, so you can listen to the program any time you want, you don’t need to use a computer. This program is valid for any guy who wants to conquer women, that is the only requirement; so everybody can use it. Besides, once you buy Hooked you are going to receive a two-week free trial into the ‘irresistible academy’ program, in which you will learn how to build inner confidence, a quality that women find really attractive.

Cons: as we said before, the program is only available online, so you won’t find the program in the stores. If you don’t have a computer, it can be hard for you to have access to the guide. Besides, some men can find the program a bit manipulative, since it literally makes women fall for you immediately.

Is Hooked free?

No, the program has a cost of $67. It may seem expensive at first, but let me tell you something I found out while I was doing my research. This program has a 60-day money back guarantee. What does it mean? It means that once you get Hooked downloaded, your investment will be protected during the following 60 days. So is Hooked free? No, but if you are not sure of making this investment, you need to take into account that you can have a full refund, no questions asked. This was really reassuring for me, since it is good to know that you can have your money back if you want it.

Hooked reviews

‘Hooked is a scam’ told me a friend when I told him about this program. This is a common thought, because people usually think that online programs are frauds. But before buying the program, I did my own research, naturally. And let me tell you I found amazing Hooked reviews, from men who were shocked as me because this program works so well and has amazing results. This program is very different to other dating guides you may know. But don’t believe in me: research yourself. Look up the Hooked reviews for yourself and see the results. You won’t believe your eyes.

Bonuses included

Once you download Hooked, you are going to get free bonuses together with the guide:

Bonus 1: Effortless flirting
You are going to get the tips you need for flirting to become the easiest action.

Bonus 2: 21 rejection-proof openers
Pick-up lines that work on every woman, at any time.

Bonus 3: Invisible attraction
Your body talks. What are the thing you need to take into account when flirting.

Bonus 4: The date machine
Four steps to become a date machine. You are going to rock all your dates and you will become a master.

Vip access to ‘Tripp’s corner’ (a private Facebook community)
The access to a community of men who are in the same position as you. You can ask questions, and the author of the book, a dating expert, is going to answer them directly.