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Magnetic Messaging Review 2020 Updated

This product review was uptated on October 2021.


Finding a nice woman to be with and keeping her is not an easy task. With this crazy world we live in which social media and text messages are a key part of the way we communicate with each other, it is very important to develop skills in this area. If you are not a great ‘texter’, then some other guy will get her. It’s true. Even though you may think it is not important, it is well proven that success in relationships, today, is strongly related to the way you communicate through technology. So, what happens with that guy who is not good at sending text messages? Is he condemned to a loveless life? Well, fortunately, nobody was born with amazing messaging skills. That’s something you develop. And, if you put some time into it, you will master the art of text messages. What you need is to learn how to properly do it.

Look, if you don’t trust me, just think about the following example: you go to the bar, you meet a pretty cute girl, you laugh together, you have some drinks, maybe you kiss, maybe you don’t, and then you go home with her phone number stored in your phone’s database. But, later, when you send her a text, she doesn’t respond. What went wrong? Or, do you know when you’ve been texting with a woman and then she just vanishes?  If these situations seem familiar, then it is probable that your thumbs are letting you down. And isn’t it a pity to lose the chance of being with an amazing woman just because you are not amazing at texting?

If you feel somehow related to what you have read so far, let me tell you that there is hope for you. Stop wasting money on dating guides and focus on the real problem: You need to learn how to text in order to make her crave speaking to you and see you in person. And that’s exactly what you will learn with Magnetic Messaging. The Magnetic Messaging pdf includes the most powerful information on how to become a text expert. Just take a look at other Magnetic Messaging reviews out there and you will see how thousands of men have turned their lives over just by learning to use technology to their favor.

The Magnetic Messaging program is the ultimate guide into pulling girls into your life. So, if you want to avoid miscommunication and attract women like crazy, continue reading The Magnetic Messaging review.

My personal experience with The Magnetic Messaging

Just as you, I was going through a hard time getting a girl into my life. It was not my looks neither the numbers in my bank account. I was doing well and, in fact, I was meeting new women on a weekly basis. However, when it got to the point in which we had to text, they just vanished. They ghosted me. And I didn’t know what was wrong.

The turning point for me happened after I met an amazing woman. The night I met her we ended up drinking and walking all around downtown. It was wonderful. We had a great time and I was absolutely sure we would go to bed anytime soon. Man, she was stunning. She gave me her number, we kissed a lot that night. We even got to second base. I wanted to go to her house that same night but she told me she wanted to wait because I was special. She wanted to do things right with me because she liked me very much, she said. So I told her I would be in touch and we would get together next week.

I waited two days to message her. I  waited those two days because my friend told me that texting her the next day seemed desperate. So I texted her. And she never got back to me. I went kind of crazy and texted her the day after the first text. Then the day after that text. And, to sum it up, I texted her once a day during a week. She never responded. What went wrong? We didn’t even get to the bed part and we had a strong connection, I was sure!

So, I turned to a dear friend of mine. That’s when he told me about The Magnetic Messaging pdf. He told me that things changed a lot for him when he learned how to properly approach a woman by text message. I was intrigued but it seemed a bit odd to me. I asked to myself: what if The Magnetic Messaging is a scam?  So, I did some research on the subject. I read a lot of The Magnetic Messaging reviews and I learned that this program had benefited a lot of men out there. I was amazed of how much people were talking about this messaging issue. Also, since I could get The Magnetic Messaging free of risk, I decided to go for it. Without further thought, I pressed The Magnetic Messaging download button.

I can’t even begin to explain how much things have changed for me. I have reconnected with the woman I was telling you about. She is amazing. I’m really sure that things can work in the same way for you too. You just need to learn how to behave in this 2.0 life. So, if you are intrigued, continue reading The Magnetic Messaging review as I will continue to tell you more about this life changing method.

What to expect if you download Magnetic Messaging

If you buy Magnetic Messaging, you will gain access to the art of seduction within this 2.0 era. The program was designed by Rob Judge and Bobby Rio who are well known dating coaches and experts in the dating field who are, also, masters in the phone game. Magnetic Messaging includes case studies which will show you how to act when a specific texting situation comes up. With this program, I was able to improve the way I played the texting game.

The program not only focuses on messaging but it also features valuable information on how to make a woman crazy. In fact, there is a part of the book which teaches you how to get her involved in sexting and, also, for those who are into that, how to convince her to make a threesome with you and another girl. I’m telling you, man, this program is amazing. Just take a look at the other Magnetic Messaging reviews online and you will read all sorts of crazy stories from guys who by following this program have fulfilled amazing fantasies with women.

Let’s dig deeper on what  Magnetic Messaging  includes:

  • Learning who to play the phone game

According to the authors, dating is a three step process: meeting the girl, the phone game, and the date. The phone game is where guys usually screw things up. Within this part of the book you will learn all there is to know to succeed at this game.

  • Dating her

This part of the books speaks about the two-day rule. It says that you should wait two days to contact a woman and if she answers “who is this?” you will know exactly what to answer.

  • Sequence

Within this part, you will be able to master the art of getting a date with her by learning how to properly handle emotions, connections, and logistics.

  • How to deal with girls who don’t seem interested

The authors have included a whole part in which they study different case scenarios in which the girl doesn’t reply or if she doesn’t seem interested. They will teach you how to be persistent without looking needy and, by doing this, you will turn things over.

  • How to act when you are sort of dating the girl

You know that part of relationships in which things are not clear. You will learn how to deal with that.

  • How to text after sex

This part is really important since things tend to be kind of weird the day after you had sex for the first time.

  • Sexting

Sexting is a very important part of the process. With your skills, you will make almost any woman out there want to ‘sext’ with you.

As you can see, Magnetic Messaging is a complete guide for learning how to act properly when it comes to dating and, therefore, succeeding at it. One of the best features of the program is that you can try Magnetic Messaging free of risk since it includes a sixty-day money back guarantee. This means that, if within two months you find that the program is not for you, then you will be able to return it. No questions asked.

To sum it up!

Now that you’ve read the Magnetic Messaging Review, you are ready to make a choice. This book covers all of the dating situations and gives a witty solution to it. A solution which makes women interested in you. Don’t you want to be that type of guy which attracts women due to his wittiness? You can be that man. You just need to learn a few things. So, I’d say, this program is really worth at least trying. Don’t you think? Good luck!