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Pimp Your Lingo Review 2020 Updated

This product review was uptated on October 2021.


If you are a man and you are Reading my Pimp Your Lingo review is because you probably already know what I am about to talk in here. You are probably looking for an answer, you want to turn things around and start attracting women as soon as possible. You have tried all the existing dating guides on earth (which by the way they all give the same useless pieces of advice) and you are tired of trying so hard. At this point, you may be thinking about quitting women since it seems impossible for you to approach them, and you have been rejected hundreds of times now. You may even be thinking that to get women you need to be fit, great-looking or rich. Well, let me tell you that nothing of that is true.

If everything I wrote in the previous paragraph describes you perfectly, then you definitely need to keep reading my Pimp Your Lingo review; you may end up feeling you still have a chance…

Pimp Your Lingo program

This program has been created by Stephan Erdman, who has managed to develop a ‘guy to guy’ program to help other men around the world. He tells us his story, he has first helped himself, since he used to be extremely shy and this made it impossible to approach women: he was feeling insecure, ugly, extremely nervous and other unpleasant feelings that often involve low self-steam.

Stephan explains that, in his Pimp Your Lingo pdf program, he doesn’t use the ordinary ‘tricks’ or pick-up lines to get women. He teaches how to approach women without losing your personality; you don’t need to pretend in order to get a girl, she will fall in love with who you are, you can be yourself and attract women at the same time.
Besides, he adds that if you follow a plan based on tricks and regular pick-up lines, that plan will not last forever. That is why he wants you to be yourself, so your relationships can have a future.

What does Pimp Your Lingo pdf include?

Stephan tells us that his program only takes care of the fears, insecurities and other existing barriers between men and women. He teaches you how to get rid of them, so you can exploit all your potential properly and still be the person you are. It is very important for you to understand that you will not be playing games with women: you will be showing your true self, and they are going to like you for who you are.
In my opinion, since I am doing this Pimp Your Lingo review, this is the most important part of the program and this is what makes this guide different from others. You won’t be pretending to be another person, you can totally be yourself and still learn how to get the women you want.

Pros and cons

Pros: the program is completely easy to use and it is written in an informal language so you can have a full understanding of what the author says. Besides, as you won’t be using any trick or pick-up line, the results you will be getting are proven to last, because they are real.
Also, an important thing to add is that the program is available in audio, so if you don’t have much time, you can listen to the audio while working, running or doing any other thing.

Cons: the program may seem expensive for some people, but mostly because people tend to think they can get Pimp Your Lingo free online. You need to pay the program in order to get it, but there is a 60-day money back guarantee. Besides, even though the program doesn’t teach tricks, people can find it a bit manipulative.
Also, if you don’t put the program in practice, you will probably lose all the knowledge you acquired, and it will not be useful. You will need to read the program all over again.

Pimp Your Lingo reviews

If, at this point, you are thinking that Pimp Your Lingo is a scam, let me please give you the most valuable piece of advice ever. You need to google Pimp Your Lingo reviews if you are thinking of buying it! if you are having doubts, they are going to disappear immediately. Thanks to Pimp Your Lingo reviews, you are going to discover how useful has been this program for different men around the world and how it has helped them to face their fears when it came to women. You will read only satisfied and happy men who had change their lives completely once they got Pimp Your Lingo downloaded.
Besides, you need to have in mind that reviews are really important before doing any purchase, since they let you know other people’s experiences and other people’s questions about the products, that may be the same as yours.

Is Pimp Your Lingo free?

No, the program has a cost of $47. This may be expensive for some of you, and it is completely normal. I was doubting myself about whether to buy it or not, when I discovered that once you download Pimp Your Lingo, you have a 60-day money back guarantee. I was so satisfied with the fact that my investment was going to be protected during the first 60 days that I didn’t hesitate no more.
The 60-day money back guarantee is extremely reassuring since if the author of the e-book is willing to offer you your money back, it means that he is really confident about the results of his program.
So, if you are having doubts as I did, you can always try Pimp Your Lingo and then ask for a full refund if you are not completely satisfied, no questions asked.


Once you buy Pimp Your Lingo, you will be receiving different bonuses that come with the program and others than you can get by paying an extra amount of money. Let me tell you which they are:

  • The art of verbal foreplay (talks skills for men)
    This part of the program comes in audio for you to listen to it whenever you want, while performing different activities at the same time.


4 bonus trainings

  • Pimp Your Lingo video training
  • Pimp Your Lingo special report
  • Approach formula video
  • 6 ways to develop a voice and attitude that attracts women

Besides, (even though the program is really easy to use) if you are having technical troubles with the program or if you don’t understand something in it, the guide includes a mail where you can write to and explain your situation, and you will be receiving immediate help.