The Click Magnet Dating System

The Click Magnet Dating System Review 2020 Updated

This product review was uptated on October 2021.


Time change things. It changes the way in which we human beings behave, communicate and exist. We all know that; it has always been like that. But nowadays things are changing so fast, that you may find yourself behaving in a complete outdated way. And you may also find yourself completely out of date.

Hi! My name is Matt, and all that I previously stated is sort of a brief and metaphoric overview of my romantic life. I’m single, I have a regular 9-5 job and I consider myself quite attractive. Nevertheless, there I was, trying to arrange a date, weekend after weekend at the club, or at the office or even at the gym and being rejected time after time. I really started thinking that something was wrong with me. And it certainly was…

If you’re experiencing the same, I strongly suggest you continue reading The Click Magnet Dating System review.

The Click Magnet Dating System review

I started to get a bit paranoid, you know? Thinking all the time what was wrong with me, and if I was going to spend the rest of my life alone. It is quite embarrassing for me to write this, but I know you also been there.

So, one night, at the top of my despair, I sit at my desk and I googled “dates.” Just that. I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for, but if there was any sort of answer to my situation, it definitely was on the internet. That’s how I found The Click Magnet Dating System.

What The Click Magnet Dating System is?

Founded by Scott Valdez, a pioneer on on-line dating, this is an automatic date-getting system that pledges to teach you exactly how generate interest on women on-line and change your dating life forever, getting more dates than ever before.

I decided to buy it and give it a try, so now I will tell you in detail my experience.

How does it function?

After years and years of trial and error (mostly of error), Scott developed a method to create an online dating profile that captivates the women’s attention. He became so successful at on-line dates, that all his friends and relatives started to ask him for advice. That was how he founded The Click Magnet Dating System, or VIDA, that he is now, and for a limited period, releasing to the general public.

The Click Magnet Dating System Program

Unlike all the other available dating guides, this is a Set and forget method which will teach you how to defeat the competition and grab woman’s attention, while you’re attending the rest of your duties (including sleeping). How can it be? Well, thanks to this program, you’ll be able to have an interesting and active dating life, without wasting your time, without being rejected, just by following these simple steps:

  • The mass magnetism principle: Scott reveals all the secrets to set up a highly magnetic profile on the most crowded dating-sites.
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes on dating sites, for example getting into “chase mode” and wasting all your time and effort trying to convince women to go out with you.
  • “Curiosity headlines” is the technique through which you’ll be having women writing to you: if you create an interesting headline to your message, you’ll be automatically catching the women’s attention, and they will open your e-mail or check your profile, only to learn more.
  • Tell stories that shows all your attractive traits in detail, so you’ll be catching the attention of the right ones.
  • Get automatic exposure to hundreds of women at the same time, so you can receive invitations even while you’re sleeping.

What does The Click Magnet Dating System include?

  • 5 training manuals.
  • The Click Magnet Dating System free teaching materials including 6 audios and recorded interviews with dating experts.
  • Special software for getting maximum exposure with minimal effort.
  • All the support and expert advice from Scott and his expert team.
  • The Click Magnet Dating System pdf templates, with key words, that you can simply copy and paste, to get in touch with a lot of women, investing really little time.
  • Online Dating Automator software.
  • Response Rate Optimizer Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet.

The Click Magnet Dating System free Bonuses

If you buy The Click Magnet Dating System you’ll be getting the following bonuses for free:

  • Bonus 1: behavioral tips to text, e-mail and have smooth and effective conversation calls.
  • Bonus 2: how to maximize your success at the first date.
  • Bonus 3: the response rate optimizer. A tool that will help you track and optimize your response levels.
  • Bonus 4: the online dating automator software.

Extra Bonuses:

Interviews with renewed experts on on-line dating.

  • High octane interview with David Wygant: intuitive tips for attracting women on-line.
  • High octane interview with Jordan Harbinger: how to write the most attractive texts.
  • High octane interview with Scot McKay: how to find a committed relation.

Each interview analyzes the specific aspects of dating.

The Click Magnet Dating System download

The complete program, plus the bonuses, is valued over $300, but you can acquire it today with an special discount, for a onetime fee of $97. You can download the entire program from the official web site,

This product is 100% guaranteed, since it includes a satisfaction guarantee for 60 days, and your purchase is processed by ClickBank, which operates with Mcfee, to guarantee you the most secure operation. The payment can be made with credit card and PayPal.

The Click Magnet Dating System pdf guide content overview

  • Lesson 2: foundations to create a magnetic profile and the strategies for making your profile stands out.
  • Lesson 3: how to get faster women’s response, with e-mail templates and the Sticky e-mail trick.
  • Lesson 4: the Automatic Date Transition, explained step-by-step and how to arrange a date with only 3 e-mails and speed up the dating process.
  • Lesson 5: how to automate the dating process via software and Facebook.

The Click Magnet Dating System review’s Pros and Cons


  • Results in 7 days.
  • Works for everyone, no matter your age, appearance or income.
  • Automated dating process: you’ll be getting dates even while you’re sleeping.
  • Constant support from Scott and his customer care team.
  • Frequently asked questions section
  • 100% guaranteed.
  • A lot of on-line The Click Magnet Dating System reviews.


  • A bit pricy.
  • Only available in PDF and audio format.
  • The audios could explain the method more extensively.

The Click Magnet Dating System review’s conclusion

Thank you very much for having read my The Click Magnet Dating System review. Really appreciate that you’ve taken a few minutes of your time to read my opinion and I really hope you’ve found all the information required to make an informed decision.

After all the previously analyzed, and after having download The Click Magnet Dating System and used it, I can only conclude that this is the best, straightest way to achieve success in your dating life. There are a lot of dating guides out there, you’ve probably have tried some of them, and you might be asking yourself whether The Click Magnet Dating System is a scam. Well, let me tell you, from my personal experience, that this program is everything that it promises: both the software and the experts advise are of great help, and my dating life have completely change.

If you’re tired of being rejected by women, or if you don’t have time to invest finding girls to date or even if you consider that your dating life could amazingly improve, I suggest you to try it without hesitation!