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The Handsome Factor Review 2020 Updated

This product review was uptated on October 2021.


Are you tired of living your life bearing a self-steam lower than Kafka’s? Do you feel that you are missing the chance to relate to interesting people and even to have a better job due to your personal image? Are you constantly sabotaging yourself due to your low self-steam? Well, let me tell you that the very fact that you’re now reading this review is already a good sign, because it means that you want to do something about it. Continue reading The Handsome Factor review to find out if you’re at the right place…

The Handsome Factor review

Hi there! My name is Karl and I want to tell you a bit about me, before starting The Handsome Factor review. I’m not exactly handsome, I used to wear glasses and braces at high-school, and I also had acne. I suffered bulling and I was rejected by all my school mates. I had to go to the prom party with a cousin, because none of my school mates wanted to be my partner. I used to be a sad and lonely teenage.

Time went by, and, even though acne and braces disappeared from my face and I moved to a big city and started a new life, I never really managed to overcome my complexes. It was like if, somehow, I was still transmitting my school days insecurity and lack of self-steam. Women just run away from me.

And that was how one day I decided that I didn’t want that life for me anymore, I had been a sad and lonely teenager and I didn’t want to become a single and grey adult. It was enough for me, I had to do something about it. Then was when I found The Handsome Factor.

About The Handsome Factor

Created by Mark Belmont about two years ago, this program has already helped thousands of men all around the world to improve their living standards, by transform the way they look and give them lots of self-confidence.

He has a life history very similar to mine and he also decided that he has to do something about it. It will sound incredible, but he started a field research. He approached hundreds of women with a simple question: What do women find physically attractive?

With the poll’s results, Mark made a list of hundred of physical traits considered attractive by all the women asked. He started a scientific research with an astonishing result: physical appearance is directly related to success and happiness. That was how he started to work in The Handsome Factor Program.

The Handsome Factor development

Once Mark was able to isolate the attractive physical traits, he consulted experts in different areas such as fashion, style and trends, beauty and aesthetics, cosmetics and dermatology, hairstyle, medicine, etc. to create this program.

He started by transforming his own self-appearance. His studies revealed him that good-looking people was more successful in all life’s aspects and so, he underwent a complete makeover to become part of that privileged group of people.

The Handsome Factor review’s content overview

This guide has been renamed by the experts as “the appearance transformation bible» and quickly became a best-seller. Through its 244 pages, it explains in detail and step-by-step how to transform your appearance within a few days, and what’s more, Mark himself provides personal support by e-mail during the process.

This is a brief overview of the content you’ll find inside The Handsome Factor pdf guide:

  • The key factors that separate natural born beautiful people from the rest.
  • How to find the best clothes and renew your wardrobe without spending a fortune.
  • The best skin care tips and a test to discover your skin type.
  • The best hygiene products and habits.
  • How to straight your teeth without braces.
  • How to give up smoking.
  • The ten golden rules of fashion.
  • A list of foods you must avoid.
  • The secret to double your sex appeal.
  • How to cure bad breath.
  • The best tips to lose weight and gain muscles.
  • The MUST HAVE hairstyles.
  • Fashion tips.
  • The Handsome Factor free audio course, “The Grooming and Style Mistakes”. This is a high-quality audio course that details ten of the most common grooming and style mistakes.

The Handsome Factor benefits

Here’s a list of the benefits of this program:

  • It works for everyone! No matter you regard your appearance as average or as a complete disaster, this program covers the full range.
  • Amazing results in a few days.
  • The Handsome Factor pdf format: immediate download and easy to read in any electronic devise.
  • 21-day trial for the symbolic price of $1.
  • It doesn’t always improve your appearance, but also your self-steam and health.
  • The Handsome Factor free audio course.
  • Constant and free premium updates, so you never lose track of all the news of the ever-changing fashion world and all the new researches on the field.
  • Many on-line, positive The Handsome Factor reviews from users all around the globe.

The Handsome Factor bonuses

If you buy The Handsome Factor today, the following bonuses will be included for free:

  • The No-Fail Body Makeover Package: the ultimate fitness program to achieve the body you’ve always dreamt about. This bonus includes 3 books written by fitness expert Sean Nalewanyj.
  • 10 Laws of Sexual Attraction: the pickup artist Derek Lamont provides you with all the strategies to generate sexual attraction. Learn step by step how to seduce women.

The Handsome Factor download

You can download The Handsome Factor from the official web site: Thanks to its pdf format, you will acquire your guide, plus all the bonuses immediately after the purchase, without shipping delays or costs.

Mark doesn’t want you to think that The Handsome Factor is a scam, for that reason he’s offering this product with a 100% satisfaction guarantee during 60 days. Your purchase is risk-free, since you can try and test this program by yourself and decide whether it works for you. If you’re not completely satisfied with it, all your money will be refunded, no question asked.

But it doesn’t stop there: today, and for limited time, this program is offered with a free 21-day trial: you can access to the program for the symbolic price of $1. After the trail period had ended, you’ll be charged $47. This program doesn’t imply any kind of contract, you can cancel your subscription whenever you want to. In case you cancel it during the 1dollar trial, you won’t be charged.

The Handsome Factor review’s conclusion

I’ve already told you about my life before this program. Let me tell you know about my life after it. I can describe it in just 1 word: AMAZING. The important thing about this program might have nothing to do with aesthetics and this is not like other dating guides: it has been proved that even a slight improvement in a person’s appearance can bring about a significative improvement in his confidence and self-steam.

And I can tell that it was like that with me. I’ve always considered myself an average guy, but I lacked the confidence to face the life challenges, like find a good job or a good partner. But then I suddenly started to see another version of myself in the mirror and I quite liked, and it just changed everything. I got a promotion and I have a lot of dates now.

Mark’s e-mail support was crucial to me. I certainly couldn’t have done it without him. But don’t take my word for sure: this is a 100% risk free invest, so, why don’t you try it yourself?