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Tinderhacks Review 2020 Updated

This product review was uptated on October 2021.


Saying that Tinder is considered to be the number one social network to meet people across the world is no big news. We all know that since the moment of its first appearance in 2012, Tinder not only has become the hottest social network but also the best way for millennials to meet new people and date them. Yet, Tinder has one main con, and that is that many of its subscribers don’t really know how to make the most of it. They don’t get a lot of matches, don’t choose their profiles pictures properly (rookie and very important mistake) and don’t know how to use it.

In this Tinderhacks review, we are going to learn the secret tricks to improve your Tinder performance and boost all your chances with women; what you immediately need to do and what you definitely need to avoid in order to get the best outcomes possible and make the most of Tinder. Keep reading my Tinderhacks review and you will learn everything about this life-changing (or maybe date-changing) program, and why it is so different to other dating guides.

Tinderhacks program

Tinderhacks has been created by Blake Jamieson, the original tinder hacker, who being pretty bad at meeting women, and tired of being rejected by them, got fed up and finally decided to step up his Tinder game. Since then, he started to collect data about images, profile pictures, text in bio and other stuffs, in order to get a pattern to boost his image in Tinder.

Within several months of doing this research, he managed to triple his match rate on Tinder. Amazing, right? So, in Tinderhacks, he shares all the data he has been collected with us, to greatly improve our matches. And throughout this Tinderhacks review, we are going to see how this program work and what it includes.

As we said before, Blake created this program to improve your Tinder performance and impressions in order to get more matches, and consequently, more dates. This program consists of 4 premises:

  • More matches: As you may already know, everything in Tinder begins with Matches. Blake promises that once you download Tinderhacks you are going to find out how to double, triple and quadruple the number of matches you are getting per day. He explains that he discovered ‘the three keys’ to enhancing the profile visibility and interactivity. Besides these three keys, when you get the program you are going to be assisted in the choice of your profile picture and advise on what to include and what to avoid in your bio, so your profile will be irresistible.
  • More messages: If you are getting hundreds of matches without any follow-up conversation, as flattering as it may be, you are not making any progress. A proven study has determined that less of the 8% of women send messages first; the other 92% just waits for you to do it. So this is crucial: you need to use this amazing tool Tinder is providing you with. Throughout Tinderhacks, you will learn which are the correct messages to send in order to make a great first impression, and which messages you should definitely avoid. Nothing beats that first impression.

  • More numbers: This may be surprising since the name of the guide is Tinderhacks, but you need to learn when it is the right time to leave Tinder. What does it mean? That you need to do everything in your reach to get a phone number, and run away from Tinder (only for that conversation, of course). Women always answer to Whatsapp or text messages, but they not always answer to Tinder messages. Think it this way: The longer it takes to get her phone number, the hardest it is to make any progress with that woman.
  • More dates: Well, in my opinion, this is the most challenging part of all. Once you got a woman’s number, you need to make a date happen. Hard, isn’t it? Don’t worry: Tinderhacks pdf will help you make the best out of texting. Men usually screw up the texting part, so you need to be really careful with your moves and follow up the instructions closely so you won’t end up ruining your only chance to make a first impression. Besides, if you get this part right, you will be having a great advantage over your competitors: As I already said, men generally suck at texting.

Is Tinderhacks for everyone?

The best part of Tinderhacks is that anyone who is subscribed to Tinder can use it. It is really use to understand, and it doesn’t matter if you are in your twenties, your thirties or forties. These tips are ready to help you whether your intention is to get a girlfriend or a one-night stand.

What does Tinderhacks include?

  • How to improve your bio in order to get new matches.
  • What so say to make woman excited about meeting you in person.
  • Texting: What you need to do to be irresistible.
  • How and when to move the conversations from Tinder to Whatsapp or any other platform.
  • Strategies to use when you are travelling and using Tinder at the same time.
  • How to properly choose your profile pictures in order to get more matches.

Is Tinderhacks free?

As every other program that is now online, you may be thinking if you can get Tinderhacks free. Let me tell you I have already tried and google everything, and you won’t find anything like Tinderhacks online: Blake, his author, is really the pioneer of these hacks he tells about in his guide.

Tinderhacks reviews

If at this point you are thinking that Tinderhacks is a scam, I recommend you to google the Tinderhacks reviews. Before buying anything new, online or not, I always check other people’s experience, in order to know if it is worth buying that product or not. So I suggest you to google the reviews and you will be checking for yourself that the program really works; you will find very thankful people due to the achieved results.

Some of the Tinderhacks review I have found claim: ‘It’s 2014 bro, if your tinder game is lacking, you better hack it! Tinderhacks, keeping my tinder pimp hand strong since 2014’; ‘I’ve been using Tinderhacks to get more matches and better conversations, and I’ve had better dates thanks to it’.

Get Tinderhacks downloaded

You can buy Tinderhacks pdf for only $27. And I have extra good news: If you are not happy with the program, if it is not working for you and you are not getting more dates than before, or even if you had second thoughts and discover that you are not going to use the program, Blake is going to issue you a full refund. This always sounds really reassuring for me: the author is so confident that his program will work that he even offers a full refund!

Once you buy the program, in addition to the pdf you will be receiving a .ZIP file with all the templates you need to make your profile picture pop and get more responses from women.